Transactional Email

As a Fast Trak customer you may receive certain transactional emails from us. The type, number and frequency of these emails will vary depending on your business relationship with us, however we have listed details of the most common types below.

Transactional emails we send

  • New product notifications – at least one week before your merchandiser is due to change over your promotions, we will send an advance notification containing details and images of the new products. This email will enable you to set up the new products in your EPOS systems before delivery and ensure a smooth changeover on the day of your merchandiser visit.
  • Invoices – within 24-48 hours of an invoice being generated on your account, we will send a copy of the invoice to you in pdf format. Our customers find this a much more efficient way to receive and enter their invoices into their accounting software.
  • Credit notes – as above, within 24-48 hours of a credit note being generated on your account, we will send a copy of the credit note to you in pdf format.
  • Delivery notes – these are routinely sent attached to the outside of the box containing your goods, however in the event that this copy is not attached we would send an electronic copy upon your request.
  • Delivery tracking or POD’s – you may receive notifications from us or our courier service regarding the status of your order or delivery. This might include out of stock notifications, delays, parcel tracking numbers, estimated delivery times and delivery confirmations.
  • Customer service – from time-to-time we may need to contact you with important information about products that you stock and any changes to our company procedures or policies. Of course, if you email us with any questions or queries, then we will respond to these emails too.

You are not subscribed

You’ll be pleased to know that receiving a transactional email doesn’t mean that you are subscribed to receive other emails from us. Of course if you have opted-in to receive marketing emails from us as any point then you will still continue to receive emails such as our e-newsletter or special offers.

You can opt-out of any future marketing emails using the link at the bottom of any one of the emails, or contact us using the details below.

Contacting us

If you feel that you have received an email in error or have any questions about our transactional email or marketing email then please get in touch using our online form here, or using the details below:

Fast Trak Ltd
Unit G Ennis Close
M23 9LE
Tel: 0161 945 7238